I note that as of the moment, there are 196 KiwiSDR online for public access. Many thanks to John for making this possible from the start and to all the owners who have generously put their system online. One comment I have heard from users who start out at my site, friends and colleagues, is that the listings on can be somewhat misleading in terms of the frequency coverage for each site. The KiwiSDR spec is 0-30 (or 32) but in reality it does not go down to 0.  In additional, each site has a different lower limit depending on the antenna or any filters you added. For example, if you have a MW HPF your system might not go below 1600 KHz.  On my system I only have a few notch filters in conjunction with a loop that is rated 100 KHz-30MHz. I has done a lot of listening below 100 KHz and can honestly say that my system can hear signals down to 10 KHz.

With that, I list my system as a 10 KHz to 30 MHz system. I would suggest you consider this and review how you listed your system on the admin page.  
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