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  • Glenn, you are right on about the noise levels in the right side of the display. Even though the sunspots are low, it would be interesting to have sensitive 10 or 15-m WSPR. One thought was to put a diplexer in with crossover somewhere, possibly 2…
  • I have come into this discussion/issue late as I just recently received my KiwiSDR. But, after setting things up, I had quite a bit of Ethernet interference and managed to get rid of it with shielding. Those with the problem might look at janbob.c…
  • And it works fine on my phone as soon as I turn off Wifi, as expected by the comments. I will remove the port number on the DUC config and do a new screen shot. Thanks so much folks---this is looking good!
  • Hey, thanks!! That is good news. I will try it on my phone, away from the house on Verizon 4G. Yes, right now the antenna is inside the room and about 5-m long. My local connection shows the same noise with a few AM stations like 550kHz, but that…
  • Good news is that everything is "not-bricked." Success, "gr enable_gps admin.json" produces ..."enable_gps":true, ... The GPS tab no longer shows acq:paused AND We are tracking satellites:GPS: acquire yes, track 5, …
  • It has many hours of operation, and several restarts and the "Paused" persists, so it doesn't seem to be a temporary Pause. OK, Running the BBG Console: root@kiwisdr:~/kiwi.config# gr enable_gps admin.json {"user_password":&quo…