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  • Ups, I found it: I had to lower the threshold of the AGC. Hajo
  • Thanks jks, right to the point ... (but not astonishing when you hear the master's voice ;-)). It works but still the signal level for the skimmer is far to high. When I mute the speaker, then the waterfall has a deep blue colour, But when I advan…
  • Thanks you jks and Chris, @jks: Yes I found that out and was able to root the stream to the skimmer. But the signals looked strange. It kind of worke, but the signal strength was too high and I didn't find a way to reduce the level. I had a look at…
  • Hello, can someone translate that ... Google doesn't work. Or the other way round: I connected CW Skimmer with a VAC. It worked only with a 3 kHz bandwidth. Which radio in skimmer do I have to select to get more bandwidth for the CW- Skimmer. Hajo
  • Thanks jks, it's reading and exploring time and just in case ... I know where to ask to get a valid answer. I appreciated your help. 73 de Hajo
  • Hi again jks, you described exactly what happened. So I started looking into the git pages ... but that takes time. Is there somewhere a top down technical documentation, before diving into the real world (code)?I I started to explore the file stru…
  • Hi jks and the othets, thanks! You were right: I was playing on grounds which I should have omitted. Things are getting clearer and next time I know how to deal with my own incompetence and will do as you proposed. 73 de Hajo (dl1sdz)
  • Hi , sorry I first tried it from the admin console. There I got this message. Later I made a ssh connection to root, couldn't find the command. What is the difference between ssh and admin console? Hajo
  • Hi Stu, thanks. I tried it, but there was a warning, not to do that. But I still have trouble to sort out kiwi and beaglebone structure and system... I have another BBB running. Hajo