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  • OpenWebRX [using a transverter/down-converter with the Kiwi]

    if the RPi PSU is a switcher, that is the source of the noise
  • Public Kiwi, WOW

    If I am interpreting the data correctly, there are now 366 KiwiSDR available for public access. That's good news. A few "holes" in the coverage however that if filled would be great for TDoA usage. Alaska for example.

    Thanks to all who contribute there resources for public use.
  • Spur Reduction

    This has been discussed here and on net. Here's a simple way to reduce spurious from your shack going back up the feedline and into the antenna. I used a CATV lightning block and mix-31 ferrites. That point is about mid-point on my feedline to active magnetic loop

  • Power issues.

    you can delay the load from being applied to the PSU with a simple relay.
  • Audio queue depth slowly drops to zero, then resets, causing audio underrun - 8 receiver mode

    AI6VN's code really works well. The #1 wspr reporter in North America as of late, KD2OM, runs 2 8-channel kiwis and cover all 14 bands
  • Grove Project

    I have the Grove stuff working.... I just installed the latest debian stretch release. Obviously, as it needs stretch, my work so far has been on a bare BBG, not a kiwi
  • GPS antenna trick

    Ron, look at the Degen/Kaito MS-31 type loop
  • How many WSPR decoders can be run without affecting performance?

    I would suggest you use Rob's 2nd computer scheme. It was but now It will service all kiwi channels without any issues.
  • Noise at roughly 60 KHz intervals

    I note that the high-quality shielded Cat cables have the drain wire tack soldered to the metal clip at the plug. Sadly, I have also found that "professional" installers often do not even deal with the drain wire on installations in businesses.
  • Kiwirecorder 101

    Perhaps this helps

    Usage: [options]

    -h, --help show this help message and exit
    --log-level=LOG_LEVEL, --log_level=LOG_LEVEL
    Log level: debug|info|warn|error|critical
    -q, --quiet Don't print progress messages
    -k SOCKET_TIMEOUT, --socket-timeout=SOCKET_TIMEOUT, --socket_timeout=SOCKET_TIMEOUT
    Timeout(sec) for sockets
    -s SERVER_HOST, --server-host=SERVER_HOST
    Server host (can be a comma-delimited list)
    -p SERVER_PORT, --server-port=SERVER_PORT
    Server port, default 8073 (can be a comma delimited
    --pw=PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
    Kiwi login password (if required, can be a comma
    delimited list)
    -u USER, --user=USER Kiwi connection user name
    --launch-delay=LAUNCH_DELAY, --launch_delay=LAUNCH_DELAY
    Delay (secs) in launching multiple connections
    Frequency to tune to, in kHz (can be a comma-separated
    -m MODULATION, --modulation=MODULATION
    Modulation; one of am, lsb, usb, cw, nbfm, iq
    --ncomp, --no_compression
    Don't use audio compression
    --dt-sec=DT Start a new file when mod(sec_of_day,dt) == 0
    -L LP_CUT, --lp-cutoff=LP_CUT
    Low-pass cutoff frequency, in Hz
    -H HP_CUT, --hp-cutoff=HP_CUT
    Low-pass cutoff frequency, in Hz
    --fn=FILENAME, --filename=FILENAME
    Use fixed filename instead of generated filenames
    (optional station ID(s) will apply)
    --station=STATION Station ID to be appended (can be a comma-separated
    -d DIR, --dir=DIR Optional destination directory for files
    -w, --kiwi-wav Use wav file format including KIWI header (GPS time-
    stamps) only for IQ mode
    --kiwi-tdoa Used when called by Kiwi TDoA extension
    --tlimit=TLIMIT, --time-limit=TLIMIT
    Record time limit in seconds
    -T THRESH, --threshold=THRESH
    Squelch threshold, in dB.
    -g AGC_GAIN, --agc-gain=AGC_GAIN
    AGC gain; if set, AGC is turned off (can be a comma-
    separated list)
    -z ZOOM, --zoom=ZOOM Zoom level 0-14
    --wf Process waterfall data instead of audio
    --snd Also process sound data when in waterfall mode