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Who runs Linux for their main OS/Browser [how to run Dream on Linux]



  • I run Sodira using Wine
  • As far as I know Sodira is available for windows as an executable. I haven't found a Linux package for it, or the source files to compile it. The authors and program are here, so you could ask them. Sodira might run under the WINE API, but I haven't tried it.

    Dream hasn't been supported, going on 3 years now, so the newer Linux versions and libraries have moved on. You can find DREAM in the older Ham Radio repositories, and there are directions for compiling it on Ubuntu, but there again, you will need to backup to the older repositories to get the needed libraries to compile it. I upgraded from OpenSUSE Leap 42 to Leap 15.1 and lost DREAM in the process. If I want it again, it will be a job to get the parts and compile it. DREAM.exe still runs in Windows though.
  • Hi
    I run Dream V 2.1 on my windows 7 and am able to decode most DRM stations using AAC+ Stereo like Radio Kuwait and the latest CNRI test tx so no issues there listening on the web site.
    My problem comes when I want to listen to All India Radio DRM, many of there DRM tx use xhaac coding not sure of the exact initials ( this German Co has the patent) Dream cannot decode this mode
    This was the reason I am trying to use Sodira on Ubuntu 18.04, with Wine but no luck till now.
    On windows 7 when I try Sodira it says libcelt dll missing, I have searched for days to find this dll but no luck.
    DRM has tied up recently with this German Co. and they have converted many transmitters here in India to the latest standards which Dream cannot decode at present
  • WA2ZKD can you share more on how you are using Sodira on Wine.
    What is your OS what version of Wine
    How did you configure, this would help a noob like me on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Rohit..

    My OS is Mint Tessa which is pretty much Ubuntu. Once you install wine you can right click on sodira and it will say Open With... select wine program loader
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    Jks, WA2ZKD
    Thanks for your replies, WA2ZKD can you decode xheaac Dream like in the Delhi/ Bangalore sdr receivers
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    Hi All
    Finally got Dream V 1.17 to work on my Linux Cinnamon V 19, using Wine and Pulse Audio using the receivers on IQ mode.
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