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Alternatives to reverse proxy

As the very useful reverse proxy service is currently not taking new requests, is there any alternative way of doing this?

My Kiwi connects via a cellular modem, but the provider doesn't support port forwarding.

Any ideas how to provide public access would be appreciated!




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    You can use same frp.

    Install server on a hosting VM or home PC with public IP and client on your remote QTH, than configure access...

    You will create personal reverse proxy for KiwiSDR and maybe something else... For example for ssh access to KiwiSDR or other devices on this site.

    Ofcourse you can use many frp-clients with one frp-server for multi sites.

    73! Yuri

  • Thanks - But I'd rather not have to use a separate PC or pi at the SDR, as its on a remote site with limited power from battery and solar, so I need to keep power consumption down.

    I'd prefer a solution that the Kiwi and my Teltonika 4G router can use natively.


  • You can install copy frp-client from github on BBG, but be careful, because performance issues may arise.

    73! Yuri

  • Thanks Yuri,

    I was not aware of frp.

    I'll make it a configurable option in a future version of wsprdaemon.


  • You can use the reverse tunnel feature of ssh built into the BBG to provide remote access. On the BBG run:

    ssh -R 8073:localhost:8087

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