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Good DRM decodes on 15109.70 KHz

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Hi All,

Today I finally managed to get every good DRM decodes (no dropouts) using both Dream and Sodira from Radio Kuwait on 15109.70KHz (yes it does seem to be slightly off-frequency).


The trick with Sodira seem to be to use the 'Simple' mode and select DRM30. Once you obtain lock you can then select 'DRM' and it remains locked. If I tried 'DRM' from cold it wouldn't lock at all.


Martin - G8JNJ


  • Martin,
    The Dream receiver is working well on my openSUSE sytem, but SoDiRa is much more difficult with DRM, it does very well with all other modes. So I use Dream for this service exclusively and think it is a fine program. I settled on "settings/sound card/signal input/channel/I/Q Pos 0". And that feed setting seems the most stable. The only drop outs now are the ones caused by weak RF signal or Internet stalls and audio over runs. Most of the time, it is great.

    I find the audio from AM broadcast and shortwave is superior when the Dream receiver is used to decode the IQ stream. I'm not equipped to give a technical discussion of the difference, but the listening perception is in favor of sending the IQ to the Dream receiver.
  • Martin,
    I forgot to like to a youtube video.

    and my blog post "how to", for whomever might benefit.
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