Strictly a curiosity: map coordinate moves around?

A friend in Spain noticed that the red balloon for my location on the map had moved a considerable number of miles when he zoomed in several different times.  It seems to be going generally from East to West, but overnight it remained in the same location, or at least did not move enough that I notice.  Then a little later it had moved on again.

Indeed, I have now found that to be the case both for my balloon and one up in Utah.  It of course is not a concern, but is unexpected.  Is this a known situation and is there a known explanation?  (I do not need to understand, just curious.)


  • Not everyone may realize this, but is controlled solely by Andr?s, HA7ILM, the creator of OpenWebRX. He explained to me once that the map locations are dithered a little bit for the privacy of the SDR owners.

  • I did realize the web site was his, and very much appreciate it.  I figured this would be the forum in which to ask though.  The dithering is something I can understand, thanks  :)
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