Update to Version v1.xx in progress?

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Minor confusion:  when I click on software update I find things like this:

Installed version: v1.31, built Dec 17 2016 14:02:09
Update to version v1.31 in progress

Does the "in progress" line mean something is still pending, or is it an artifact that can be ignored?


  • "Update to version v1.xx in progress" means an update is actually being downloaded and built.

    That said, the way things are now, if you hammer on the "software update" button while I'm getting ready to release an update it is possible you will get an indeterminate set of source files as github.com is being updated. I need to change the update mechanism so it always git pulls from a fixed release tag and not the "current" version.

    If there are no active connections to your Kiwi it will begin updating between 0200 - 0300 UTC (depends on serial number so all Kiwis don't hit github.com at once). Anytime you restart the server (or hit the "software update" button) it will also check for an update. But for now not a good idea to do this before 0200 UTC the day of a release.

  • But the first line reported that v1.31 is already installed, hence my confusion about the second line saying v1.31 was in progress.  Must be something simple I am missing again.  If the first line reported v1.31 was installed and the second one says v1.32 was in progress I could understand a bit better.
  • Chuck, looks like I owe you an apology on this one. There is indeed a bug where you will see the same version number in the "installed" and "in progress" fields. I finally saw this and tracked it down while looking at something related.

    The next release makes the "check now" button on the update tab of the admin page return the correct version number and build status. It also won't hang the server anymore if you run a check while there are active user connections.

  • No apology needed :)   I don't see how you can keep track of so many aspects of the project!  Having a lot of fun with it and am amazed at how many connections show up in the log.
  • My email program lets you add a little colored flag next to a message. I've done this since last March (Kickstarter) to remind myself which messages I've replied to or taken some action on (or still need to do something about). Yesterday the number of flagged messages exceeded 1000, lol.

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