Sorcerer 1.0.1 viewing STANAG

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This is just a video showing Sorcerer 1.0.1 running on Linux under the WINE API and using Pulse Audio to connect from KiwiSDR to Sorcerer.
Ron KA7U


  • I found a manual for Sorcerer here:

    And a screen shot showing 100% confidence and 0 errors, so in this case the stanag signal seems to be properly tuned.

  • Here's the best STANAG 4285 bookmark I have:

    There is actually an unfinished s5285 extension in the KiwiSDR source code. Charles Brain, G4GUO, very kindly supplied some source code for an encoder / decoder he wrote some years ago. The code in its current form is not able to keep up in real-time with all the other KiwiSDR-related tasks running on the Beagle. It needs to be parallelized and made more efficient. Lots of bit pushing to implement the Viterbi decoder and Kalman equalizer. It's possible that some of the processing could be moved to javascript on the browser side. I'm not very familiar with most of the DSP used, so it was very educational to go through the code and see what is involved. I hope to return to looking at this at some point (I say that about a lot of thing these days).

    Antonio's blog which includes a lot of great STANAG info:
    A copy of the s4285 spec is here:
  • John, I checked Your links and Antonio's blog. I saw he was using the Krypto500 software. I worked more with Sorcerer and found that the FAX module worked nicely, but the DGPS module decoded the lat/lon corrections but not the location and transmitter number info. I also noted that when the 1200 none protocol was selected there were never any errors on the STANAG demodulator, so I wonder if that is a bug or true protocol for all the signals I tried. 

    There are so many digital protocols and STANAG, Pactor, Packet, Clover, and others also provide for attachments which might be in a compressed archive and encrypted, or the whole transmission might be encrypted. So different software and perhaps hardware as in the case of SCS Pactor 2,3, and 4 to decode. I thought that the station information might have to transmitted in the clear, but it seems in the case of STANAG, it is not. 

    I'm having fun, checking it out. I never spent so much time on shortwave as I have since your KiwiSDR came along.
    Ron - KA7U
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