The buttons for 3 different step sizes to shift frequency sometimes do not work?

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I have experienced this from day one.  The three buttons for positive shift always work, but the ones for negative shift sometimes work and sometimes do not.  

I have not correlated the failure to work to anything so far, so I have no idea what might be different when the buttons do not work.  I do not see anything in the bug / wish list so I thought I would mention this.


  • Wow, I've never seen this. What browser & OS? When you catch it not working it would be great if you could check a few things:

    1) When you hover over the "down" buttons with your mouse do they show negative values opposite to the "up" buttons?
    2) Bring up the javascript console and see if there is an error message when you press on them (e.g. "Tools > Web Developer > Web Console" in Firefox).

  • Chrome Version 54.0.2840.98 (64-bit) and OS X El Capitan 10.11.6   

    1) Yes, when they are not working, the hover still shows the negative values as well as the positive values. Sometimes, but not always, the first negative click following some positive clicks does work, but subsequent ones do not work.

    I think I found the javascript console (totally ignorant about such things).  I brought my connection up from scratch, with the console panel open, and see a log of "stuff" ending with this:
    kiwi.js:302 Object {ip: "", hostname: "", city: "Dona Ana", region: "New Mexico", country: "US"…}
    audio.js:515 COMP *** installing a convolver

    followed by a > prompt.  Unfortunately this time the negative buttons are working.  I see no messages in the console as I muck around.  

    I will keep the console open and see if anything shows up when (and if) the negative buttons stop working.

  • I have not been able to convince it to act up again this evening, but it has happened many times in the past few weeks.  I will report again when I catch it doing it next time and see if the console has any error messages show up.

  • The next release will include some additional debugging messages that might give us a clue.

    While adding those I was reminded of the special behaviors of the step buttons. In certain circumstances the step button will move the frequency less than the expected amount to first get the frequency "on channel". That is, on some multiple of 1 kHz depending on frequency band and mode. For example, if the current frequency is 7020.1 ( i.e. 100 Hz above 7020 kHz), and you hit the "-1 kHz" step button, the frequency will first only go down 100 Hz to get you on 7020.0 kHz. Then the next -1 kHz step will take you down the full 1 kHz to 7019.0 kHz etc.

    This is useful in the MW and SW BC bands where you know stations will be on 9/10 or 5 kHz channel spacing. Or in the ham bands where SSB tuning tends to be set on 1 kHz intervals (but not always of course). There is a special mode used in the NDB band allowing the "outer" step buttons to use alternating 400/1000 Hz increments to handle the two most commonly transmitted NDB tones.

    Remember also that you can tune smoothly by mousing-down in the yellow passband and dragging (most easily done when fully zoomed in). Right now the mouse wheel controls the zoom level but eventually you'll be able to make the wheel control tuning as well.

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