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Feature Request - user editable location field instead of location based on IP address

edited January 5 in KiwiSDR Discussion

In the KiwiSDR window there is an edit box for "your name or callsign". Whatever is entered here by users shows up in the "users" sub window along with information about the users location and what frequency and mode they're using. In my case it might look something like this ...

"VK2AAK" (Sydney, Australia)

7091.17 kHz lsb z6 0:07:12

This is fine except for the location. The location is obviously obtained from the users IP address and unfortunately it is often wildly inaccurate. Here in Australia it sometimes gives my location as "Sydney", other times it might say "Adelaide" which is where my ISP is based. In the case of Sydney the error from my actual location is a few hundred kilometres. In the case of Adelaide it's wrong by a few thousand kilometres. This is a constant problem here with amateur radio users of my KiwiSDR when they assume that the location displayed is where the user actually is ... when in fact the user might be thousands of kilometres away in a different state.

Would it be possible to consider changing this? Either by having an admin option to allow/disallow the automatic location or preferably by adding an additional edit window where users could manually enter their location. A "Location" field adjacent to the existing "your name or callsign" box would be ideal. This could be arranged such that if the field was left blank the location would be automatic and based on IP address as it currently is, but if the field was non-blank it would override the automatic location and display whatever the user entered.


  • Sorry, but why do you need this function? I think this feature will only give you fake users from "alpha centauri". But if you want to parse the log files, you can ask your KiwiSDR users to add their location in the "Name" field with his name/callsign.

  • In today's VPN world, this function with providing user data online is completely redundant. This panel could be a place for other functions, e.g. for people using mobile devices, a nice thing would be larger programmable buttons from either the admin level or the user himself +/- frequencies, volume, filters, fast memory cells, etc.

  • I'm happy to do away with the IP based location function altogether. In my opinion no information is better than misleading or inaccurate information.

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