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Non-Ham band WSPR

Hello Kiwians,

I see a fair amount of WSPR activity on the 22M ISM band and I'd like to give a try at decoding it. I have pushed WSPR spots to WSPRnet on 10M for a year or so with one of my Kiwis but I'm not sure how to set up my Kiwi to monitor a non ham-band WSPR frequency.

When I select the Kiwi extension, I'm presented with a selection of ham bands, which of course don't correspond with 13553.95 (USB) that I'd like to monitor. I can add that frequency to the normal tuning window and the waterfall responds as it should but the little WSPR popup window shows a different frequency (whatever it was set to when I launched the WSPR extension)

Any suggestions for accomplishing what I'm trying to do?




  • When I added the 6 and 13 MHz ISM bands last March (for the UK balloon-mobile crowd) I was told the dial frequencies needed were 6780.75 and 13553.75 (the ISM bands have entries at the end of the WSPR extension "band" menu along with IWBP band hopping).

    After the extension is open you can tune the dial frequency to be whatever you want. But the non-standard value is not used when uploading spots to I guess whether that should change or not is open to debate.

  • Hi John,

    I show my autorun on 22m as 13554.5 in my admin panel. Maybe the better question to ask is "is there a way I can change that". I'm not sure how I ended up with the value I have.

  • Is the 80_IU & 60_EU scanned with IWBP?

    What is 80_IU for area for? And the 60_EU.... Is for Europe?


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