v1.462: MANUAL INTERVENTION REQUIRED to receive future updates



  • jksjks
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    ビルドが完了すると、自動的に再起動します。 電源を入れ直さないでください。 ビルドの途中で電源を入れ直すと、インストールされているソフトウェア全体が破損する可能性があります。


    申し訳ありませんが、ソフトウェアの更新が進行中です。 数分後にもう一度確認してください。

    Is this for your Kiwi at jp1odj-air.proxy.kiwisdr.com:8073 ?

    After the build completes it will restart automatically. Do not cycle the power. If you cycle the power in the middle of a build you may corrupt the entire installed software.

    While the build is running a login to the user page will show:

    Sorry, software update in progress. Please check back in a few minutes.

  • that's right. It is KiwiSDR of jp1odj-air.proxy.kiwisdr.com:8073.

    I understand. Does not turn the power off/on.

    It doesn't change. It is v1.462.

    I will try again.

  • @JP1ODJ

    再試行する場合:必ずユーザー接続を試してください。 「ソフトウェアの更新が進行中です」というメッセージが表示された場合は、ソフトウェアをビルドしていることがわかります。

    When you try again: Be sure to try making a user connection. If you get the "software update in progress" message then you know it is building the software.

  • @jks

    Entering ext_send ('SET force_check = 1 force_build = 1') does not update.

    Is there any other way?

  • @JP1ODJ

    はい、別の方法があります。 別のコンピューターからsshまたはPuTTYプログラムを使用してKiwiBeagleに接続する必要があります。 「root」アカウントとしてログインします。 パスワードは、Kiwiシリアル番号または管理者パスワードが設定されている場合はKiwi管理者パスワードになります。 次に、次のコマンドを入力します。



    Yes, there is another way. You must connect to the Kiwi Beagle using the ssh or PuTTY program from another computer. Login as the "root" account. The password will be the Kiwi serial number or Kiwi admin password if an admin password had been set. Then type these commands:



  • @jks

    I was able to update!


    Thank you very much!!

  • @JP1ODJ

    優秀な。 しかし、私もその問題について非常に申し訳ありません。

    Excellent. But I am also very sorry for the problem.

    John, ZL/KF6VO

  • Tried multiple time over the last week. On first 2 tries it seemed not to have worked as I got the message that the software was up to date but was still reading 1.462.

    On the next try I also got the up to date 1.462 message and it did not seem to be doing anything within the first 4 or 5 min. So, I walked away and left it. When I returned about 15 min. later it was in the process of updating so I left it over night. Did the server restart in the morning and everything was upgraded.

    Thanks for the update

    Rich, WD3C

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    Made it to 1.470 with no problems.

    Thanks John! Off to do another.

    Two of Two....

  • You can get more progress messages when running update_fix by issuing the command

    sh -x ./update_fix

    rather than just


    This invokes the shell with the -x option, which shows each command in the script as it is being executed.

    I also had to log in via ssh, rather than use the "console" tab in the admin page, because I run two KiwiSDRs remotely.


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