The forum is open to new posts. camping all the slots in kiwi sdr stations bots are camping and invading all the kiwi online sdr

stations and if you do get in, the drm extension wont work because

theres too many bots taking slots.

I also notice they follow to what frequency you are monitoring. Like they are recording what people listen to

whats going on? is it the end for kiwi?


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    This server is the worst for them and today I see new "bots"



    As you can see, they took over this station and we dont get to use it now.

    Most of what they monitor is static till you get in and then they chase you though the bands

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    I don't know about the others, but WSPR-autorun is the Kiwi's internal WSPR decoder. Setup by the Kiwi admin to run on as many channels as they have configured.

    The others could be from another computer on the local network (e.g. RPi) or from the Internet. It's too bad the location field is unknown. For example, the admin could have setup all channels to be occupied except for two. But QRSS has come in from the Internet and tied them up.

  • @9BC357 Hi, about, why do you think it is bots? It's look like KiwiSDR owner processes, I think W6REK can use all channel on his KiwiSDR. 😉

  • At KPH with 7 Kiwis and KFS with 5 Kiwis I have an extensive IP blacklist on the Kiwis and as a result currently have no bots hogging any of them.

  • I think if you fill your slots with bots, it should be not listed as public because its a complete was of time even clicking on the station because we cant use it.

    Even still this station is defunct

    I seen the death of yahoo chat the same way with "bots" and would have never thought it would come to this on kiwi.

    Should be humans only or set it to private.

  • @9BC357 May be this KiwiSDR owner don't use all channels all time and when some channel will be free you can listen it. You can ask about this Henry W6REK directly, his email contact on status KiwiSDR page or

  • "all the kiwis" isn't quite accurate!

    I have 4 BBAI systems, 2 totally public, 2 with 1 channel public and the rest loaded

    A generous offering on my part as I have a lot of money invested. Other kiwi owners do too and should be allowed to use them as they wish without harsh criticism.


    port# = 8073, 8074, 8075, 8076

  • You can (sort of) measure the scale of this problem as follows: Go to You'll see approximately 600 Kiwis listed. In the "Search:" field at the top of the page type "4 / 4" (note the space before and after the "/"). This will only display 4-channel Kiwis where all the connections are in use. Repeat for 3, 8 and 14-channel Kiwis.

    At this particular moment I got these results:

    • "4 / 4" #12 Kiwis
    • "3 / 3" #6 Kiwis
    • "6 / 6" #6 Kiwis
    • "14 / 14" #0 Kiwis

    Now it is unknown whether all these connections are from "bots"/applications on the local network of the Kiwi that the owner has configured. Or if the Kiwi is simply busy with user connections from the Internet. Or a combination of the two.

    I do filter out configuration errors. Like if a Kiwi is configured to be publicly listed, but has a user password specified. It makes no sense to publicly list a Kiwi where no one will know the user password. So it doesn't get listed.

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