Forum open to new posts. Comments on recent security issue.

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"We go again", Steven Gerrard, Liverpool F.C.

The forum is now open to new posts. However, please use some common sense. I will not tolerate personal attacks or continued abusive commentary on the recent security issue. You will be permanently banned as a result. Continuing the madness of the past 30 days serves no purpose.

I'd like to thank Martin, Linkfanel, Stu and others for their supportive comments on the various websites. Their ideas were more eloquently stated than I could have done.

I kept reading all those comments hoping to find some useful bits of technical information that would assist me in improving the security aspects of the Kiwi code. I found NONE. ZERO. There was nothing described I didn't already know. I didn't disagree with most of those comments. They were just not useful.

Make no mistake, the "backdoor" will return. It is the only way I can efficiently provide technical support. Yes, it will be opt-in, time limited and probably ssh tunneled. Amusingly, I have used the backdoor a number of times, with the explicit permission of the Kiwi owner/admin, to diagnose and fix those Kiwis failing to automatically update to version v1.461. You know, the version that removes the backdoor. Somewhere, somehow, I'd like to think Joseph Heller is having a slight chuckle at that.

I am working on implementing items from the existing long list of security issues. It will take some time unfortunately. Already storage of encrypted user/admin passwords is starting to work. But it is not so simple. All the possibilities must be handled and all the corner cases tested. And it has to be done in a way that doesn't substantially increase my support burden.


  • Thanks for all you've done and do. Sorry you have to put up with some of what you have to.

  • Thanks for getting all of us back online John. Your support of your product is the absolute best in the SDR world. I continue to have the utmost confidence in your integrity and your product.

    Thank you

    John K5MO

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    Great to see the forum re-opened and look forward to clearer skies after this turbulent ride.

    Certainly do appreciate your relentless development efforts, support and time dedicated to this unique SDR project as well as your decision to "go again".


  • Thanks as always for your hard work on the KiwiSDR, John. It is greatly appreciated.

  • It's great to see the forum up again!

    It was also quite heartening to see the vast majority of comments elsewhere were positive about the project, your support and developments. It's also good to see the other contributors back.

  • Having the forum offline was an eye-opener for me. I hope we can have KiwiSDR well-supported in the future even when unit sales taper off. When appropriate I'd support a donation/subscription model to ensure this hardware remains supported as features and security/web standards evolve.

  • John, I'm behind you 100%, your support to us KIWI owners has been nothing but so helpful. I hate to see that getting spoiled by someone who just has to get some seconds of "fame" without regard for the consequences he causes with that. Good to have you back - and nice to see some one else use the Joseph Heller connection. I just get blank stares and who dat? comments when I play that card!

    73 Don


  • I am a new KiwiSDR owner. Happy to join this forum. In terms of internet security, one thing that surprised me a bit is that the forum itself is not hosted with an SSL connection (https). That will be an increasing problem going forward with some browsers. At least it's an easy fix that doesn't require new code (lol).

  • John, good to have the forum and yourself back again!

    Dont let those 1% get to you!



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    What you have provided us users with is a great product and great support. I know I've had you log into my KIW remotely in the past to fix something. it's very hard to get that level of superb support from anybody these days. Sorry you've had a hard time, it was completely unwarranted. I for one will continue to enjoy using the KIWIsdr and promote it to others

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