Qlen and SAM & IQ

hello best sdr team and engineers

here the question about big problems

1 into all SAM modes are big plops and clicks

2 on AM its normal good but still hicks into the audio about the Qlen at more than 21 from 6 up to higher level also when there is no audio it does the same thing

2.2 LSB / USB are good

this happened after the upgrade to the new version before all things where good

at my sdr network you can hear that when im set a carrier im owned a radio station that hear this irritated plops and ticks

we hope the sdr team and engineers watch that by the way its at all web sdrs the same thing

im give here a audio file to hear that what i say at me text

best recards team sdr


  • go to sdr to hear this big problem

    KiwiSDR (sdr-n.com)

    carrier is on from our station

  • i forgot this

    when no audio at carrier it still gives ( audio overrun ) Qlen peak 21 ad back Qlen 20

  • jksjks
    edited April 4

    Popping problem: Windows 10 issue. Less of a problem when using Firefox. See here: http://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/2273/windows-10-related-audio-popping-clicking/p1

    Qlen growing. This means the computer/device running the browser is too slow and unable to keep up with the data stream from the Kiwi. It can also be a network problem (latency issues, etc). It would be good to know details, e.g. is this on the same local network as your Kiwi, or across the Internet. Is the device a decent desktop computer or is a phone? Is it running Windows 10?

  • hello jsk

    well let me tel this we have here fiber cable i own 1 gygabit download & 1 gygabit upload

    downspeed = more than 9000 mb a sec the sdr use tons lower than that

    network stays more than 500 mb a sec

    i have tested that with firefox grome win edge all same

    greets jks

  • a question how i must set this when i will have 8 users now i have by 2 normal waterfall

    by 3 it says ftt configuration and got a wide line thatcant move it say its locked

    you know how ?

    thanx :) jsk

    i have set more receivers

  • sreen says

    zoom waterfall not available Audio FTT confrigured for 8 channels

    what to do to have 8 channels free for users with the waterfall ?

    greets jsk

  • There is no mode that gives you 8 audio channels and 8 waterfalls because that much logic does not fit in the FPGA chip. The maximum is 4 audio and 4 waterfalls.

    But there is a special mode where you can configure 8 audio channels but only TWO of them can get full waterfalls. The other SIX only get an "audio FFT" which take no FPGA resources (this is implemented entirely on the browser). The audio FFT is much more limited than the full waterfall/spectrum. This configuration is a compromise and just barely fits in the FPGA.

  • oke thanx for your information about this jks :)


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