BBAI backup showing error 15

While trying to backup from a Kiwi BBAI installation to a 16Gb micro-SD card the process halted at rsync: / -> /tmp/rootfs/ with each time showing writing to [/dev/mmcblk0] failed... Tried another 16 and then 48 Gb card with the same result. These cards have only been used for backups mostly for KIwi BBG installs and should not have any bad sectors.

Any suggestions what else can be tried? Thanks.


  • I seem to remember hitting this and just copied the Kiwi directories off using SCP or even WinSCP.

    At one stage I did wonder if there was some way to direct the backup to a sshfs (fuse) mount instead, that way I could have a single Linux box (or NAS) with a bunch of backups.

    I know that is not a particularly clever answer but I often want to "make a backup now, learn the proper fix later"

  • I never tested the backup function on the AI. It's possible the script doesn't work since the AI runs Debian 9 instead of Debian 8 like most Kiwis.

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    With almost everything working so well now using Kiwi BBAI, it is easy to forget that so far the project status is still alpha. So fair enough for backup I will just use something along the lines Stu mentioned. Thanks.


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