kiwirecorder clients getting wrong audio

Today we observed a wsprdaemon site where 2 of the 6 kiwirecorder sessions were recording the 7 Mhz band audio wav files also in the 18 Mhz and 21 Mhz sessions. This problem caused the N6GN/K to report duplicates of 7 Mhz spots on 18Mhz and 21Mhz to Restarting the 21 Mhz client on the wsprdaemon server corrected the problem, as did killing the 18 Mhz session on the Kiwi's admin page.

The affected Kiwi had been running about 10 hours but we could find no clues to the problem in the /var/log/.. files. We could not leave Kiwirecorder sessions running in that error state and thus polluting the spot database, but the Kiwi has not rebooted nor changed in any other way.

I had previously received a report of at least one instance of similar 'duplicate-bands' problem, but this is the first time I have been able to examine a system in such an error state. I would like to instrument wsprdaemon to monitor for this problem, but I not clear how to do that.

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