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Good evening.....
lately I was able to monitor the broadcasts in the Asian area a bit, managing to intercept two new Wefax broadcasters for which I was unable to find any news on the internet (maybe I had no luck not being able to decode Cantonese), however: one of these broadcasters intercepted on 17/18 October this year continuously transmitted test charts and weather maps for the month of March or September, interspersed, on the following frequencies 4027 - 7759 - 12588 obviously with -1.9 khz shift.
If anyone has any news about it or can understand which Chinese coastal broadcaster it is, news about it is welcome.


While the second broadcaster that I have completely identified is XSQ which instead has regular emissions from the 1st of August current year attached broadcast schedule, even here if you have further news they are welcome.

In the hope that you find this information useful ....



  • Yeah, but that page mentions nothing about FAX. XSQ (and XSG Shanghai) are very well known coastal marine CW/SITOR/NAVTEX transmitting stations. But there are very few web references to them sending FAX.
  • Yes, but it gives more info on the station which is what the OP asked.
  • There is related info here but it appears that many .cn links are dead or blocked
  • ... more than anything else it would be useful to be able to identify the issuer of the first 4 faxes, especially the first where it is written at the bottom right
    [standard of the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications]
    [fax test example]
    [date of receipt xxxxxxxx]
    just to understand if any broadcasters have previously used this test page, which is new to me, without neglecting the meaning of all the other writings.
  • New reception 15-01-2021

    Broadcaster: VANINO RADIO

    [Khabarovsk Territory, Russia - geographical coordinates 49.0901, 140.2659]

    confirmed transmissions time: 06.05 - 09.05 UTC other reception times awaiting identification

    frequency: 6.455 khz.

    issue: J3C 120/576.

    notes: the emission is fairly weak and disturbed, which can only be received by KIWIs placed in the immediate vicinity.

    Further information is welcome.


    emission of 09.05 UTC

  • thank you, I had already seen these links but they are all outdated info,

    I was hoping there was something more updated around or that someone

    had first-hand news, more than anything else on the times of issue.

    I will try as much as possible to broaden the listening in search of other transmissions.

    See for yourself whether to update the list.


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