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Wide sweep spectrum amplitude reporting error

In very wide sweep, say zoomed all the way out to Z0, the displayed amplitude of coherent signals is generally low. As I understand it, bin size is always 1/1024th of span so in this situation a bin is about 30 kHz wide while the signal being reported may be relatively narrow. What I observe is that value of that signal is not accurately represented until the zoom level is increased. Thus the wide spectrum display is really only useful for the presence of signals and not their actual or even relative amplitude.

This characteristic is very possibly an artifact of the system, ADC bit or algorithm limitation and may not be alterable. But as a long-time spectrum analyzer user and one who has found the Kiwi invaluable for better understanding HF systems I always want more. :) Is it the case that this is baked in to the system or is there a way to make amplitude reporting more accurate?

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