RSDN-20 beacons reactivated on 11.9, 12.65 & 14.9KHz

Hi All,

The Russian RSDN-20 beacons on 11.9, 12.65 & 14.9KHz are active once again after quite a long absence.

They must have found some more coins for the electricity meter down the back of their sofa.

Signals are about 8-10dB above the noise floor on my Kernow KiWi SDR in the SW of the UK.

If you use this URL it will provide enhanced contrast on the waterfall display.

The signal on 14.9KHz seems to have a second weaker transmission slotted in between the stronger 'pips', which you can just about see in the screen grab.


Martin - G8JNJ


  • Seems that three of the transmitter sites are active: Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk. Novosibirsk seems to be transmitting both in slot 3 and 4 on 14.88 kHz.

    Mauritz / SM2BYC


  • It's quite a test of the low frequency capabilities of one's receiving setup.

    Neither of my Kiwis can see the Alpha transmissions, even when integrating. I've a little bit of RFI down low on the antenna that I would have expected to hear this signal on so no SNR to work with, and the other I would suspect has PSU interference exactly in line with the transmissions, which I'll fix tomorrow with a PSU swap.

    Nice to see that there are SDR antennas out there that are definitely sensitive enough at that low a frequency to show clearly on the Kiwi. Wellbrook loops and Bonito hardware seem to be doing better for whatever reason. Maybe those with that kind of an investment in the hardware take a bit more care to get as much as possible from it?
  • Feb 2021: Alpha "Khabarovsk" (nearest town Elban) as received from the Kiwi in Khabarovsk about 200 km distant. MSK signals VTX3 India and NWC Australia also present.

  • A properly grounded mini whip also works, mine hangs on a fiberglass telescope 15m from the ground and over 5 from the roof.

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