S meter averaging? [fixed in v1.290]


Fabulous job on the KiwiSDR front end software.

When using the "S-meter graph" is there any way to increase the integration time for each point plotted? Perhaps this is related to the settings in the main RX window, but I couldn't quite figure it out.

Phil W1PJE


  • Okay, this was relatively easy and will be in the next release.
  • @jks the S-meter option says it reports the s-meter value after S_METER # of averages. It says that it takes about 6 samples per second, so if I want to report 1 value per minute, I would guess that I should do S-meter=360 (60 seconds * 6 samples/second). However, S-meter=60 seems to give me 1 value per minute.
  • No, 6 samples/sec is roughly what you get in non-averaging mode (S-meter=0, the default). A non-zero value for S-meter= is the number of seconds of averaging, independent of exactly how many averages that turns out to be.
  • I see, that makes sense. The --help option seems to indicate otherwise.
  • Are you using the most recent version?
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