Command MU

What file is Read to list users that have connected to my KiwiSdr ?
I would like to save the file to my HDD.


  • jksjks
    edited November 2020
    mu is an alias for make users And doing make -n users reveals that it does a:
    zcat /var/log/user.log.4.gz > /tmp/kiwi.log;
    zcat /var/log/user.log.3.gz >> /tmp/kiwi.log;
    zcat /var/log/user.log.2.gz >> /tmp/kiwi.log;
    cat /var/log/user.log.1 >> /tmp/kiwi.log;
    cat /var/log/user.log >> /tmp/kiwi.log;
    cat /tmp/kiwi.log | grep -i leaving | grep -vi kf6vo | grep -vi 192.168.1
    rm -f /tmp/kiwi.log
    So /var/log/user.* are the log files you'd want to search and copy information from. As usual with Unix there are a dozen different ways of doing this sort of thing depending on the result you want.
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