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  • Kiwi BBAI software Alpha test instructions [updated 3-Jun-21]

    received my adapters... work great, minimal down time

  • &

    These are from a recent attempt to make a "user preferences" function work. They are required by xdLocalStorage. I tried again about 6 months ago with xdLocalStorage. More recent browser security changes mean the scheme had to be changed once again compared to work that was done some years ago. It quickly got complicated, so I had to set the work aside for the moment.

    For those that don't know, user preferences would be an extension that allows you, an ordinary Kiwi user (not owner/admin), to do things like: Setting the default cw passband set to 270 Hz and have that apply to every single Kiwi you ever visit from that point onward. Or the same with keyboard shortcut bindings. Or just about any other user interface customization that could be easily added.

    That, plus a real mobile user interface, are the two major missing elements of the software (besides adding an extension to decode your favorite modulation waveform).

  • Automatic Link Establishment - MIL-STD-188-141a (ALE 2G) decoding extension

    Audacity can also be set to record over a set threshold.

    Preferences - Sound Activated Recording.

  • User Levels Idea

    I enjoy making my systems available but sometimes the "campers" keep others from using it. People who contact me and define a legit need should get preference over simple camping. Current scheme only allows "all or nothing" beyond the default times.

  • User Levels Idea

    a variation.... a whitelist in a JSON file...

    requires user to sign in..

    no sign in = default max

    login1 = n minutes

    login2 = n minutes


    I'd be happy with having to edit file from shell, no fancy admin stuff

  • Vacation/support notice

    You know you're on "island time" when the Internet works worse than the last time you were here. This time the usual suspects won't even take my money! (insert obligatory picture of Fry)

    Anyway, greetings from E51-land.

  • AI WiFi

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for the hint. I found all needed info in .

    Next I used the BBAI cloud9 IDE interface and deleted the older wifi directories from var/lib/connman. A Beagle reboot seemed necessary for the changes to take hold.

    Best regards,


  • AI WiFi

    I use connman-ctl I think you have that, read the commann man page for how to remove things

  • Block a frequency

    I have a different antenna on each KiwiSDR here, so perhaps they wanted to see how reception varied between antennas? Assuming they had some rational purpose in doing this, which might not be a valid assumption 😀

  • Vacation/support notice

    With a bit of luck we'll be on vacation from 4 June to 22 June.

    Internet access will be limited. Email and forum posts will get read. But any anything beyond that is uncertain.